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Main » 2014 » September » 19 » Diwali – A Dazzling Festival
2:31 PM
Diwali – A Dazzling Festival

Diwali is not only a festival of lights, but it is also known for ‘crackers & fireworks’. Diwali is basically a Hindu festival celebrated worldwide by millions of people, including the communities like Hindu, Jain, Buddha and Sikh. Every this Four Days celebration festival occurs in autumn on the 15th day of the month ‘KARTIK’- HINDU CALENDER. Diwali is a festival that spreads joy, wishes for Diwali, excitement and feeling of love & brotherhood among the people. People celebrate this festival with full joy and enthusiasm.

Significance & origin:

Diwali is a festival celebrated as a significance of ‘victory of good over evil’. ‘LORD RAMA- KING OF AYODHYA’ returned home, accompanied by wife SITA and brother LAKSHMAN after 14years long exile defeating the Demon ‘RAVANA’. In this honor people of AYODHYA had lighted up oil lamps to welcome their king and dispel the darkness. This incident is a great significance of this festival. The Four Days of this festival include- ‘Naraka Chaturdasi’, ‘Laskhmi Puja’, ‘Bali Padyami’ and ‘Yama Dvitiya’. The First day is observed as the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon Naraka so it is ‘NARAKA CHATURDASI’. People traditionally follow the rituals of doing ‘LAKSHMI PUJA’ on the second day as it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi had emerged from ‘KSHIRA SAGARA’. ‘BALI PADYAMI’ resembles the triumph of Lord Vishnu over the demon ‘BALI’. The festival ends with the day of ‘YAMA DVITIYA’ i.e. sisters worship & pray to GODDESS YAMA, for the well being of their brothers.


Diwali festival brings lights and colors to the market. Various sweets are made especially for the festival. People buy expensive and colorful clothes for the festival. They paint their houses. Decorate their houses with ‘torans’ made of mango leaves and marigold flowers. Girls decorate the floors at the entrance of their homes with ‘diwali rangoli desing’ having various colors and flower petals. People start their day offering LAKSHMI PUJA followed by a special breakfast. Diwali remains incomplete without sharing and exchanging gifts with their dear ones. People light up the diyas- earthen lamps, and keep it on the floors and terrace. Nowadays, these traditional diyas have been substituted by candles and neon lights. Many people play cards and do gambling on this day. Nights are the best part of the festival, people of all age enjoy bursting crackers and fireworks. The sky is dazzled with such bright glittering fireworks. This is the reason why Diwali is also said a ‘dazzling festival’.

 May this Diwali be joyous and the New Year is prosperous.

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